• Saturday, July 07th, 2012

Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle
Anime Gerad is looking for new writers to provide more diversity and enjoyment. We’re searching for fresh bloggers or those with wish to get into blogging. What is looked for in applicants:

  1. A love for anime, manga, and similar topics like Vocaloid.
  2. Editorials, reviews, humor, news, and opinion is Anime Gerad’s forte and focus. Episodic writing is not discouraged, however episode post so far on Anime Gerad have been reserved for special moments in an anime than for each episode.
  3. Writing style, grammar, experience, and ability to proofread are factors. No blogging experience required, but it does not hurt.
  4. Although there is not any set number of posts to be made in a period of time, dedication and frequency in writing will be considered.
  5. Most of us in this community are easy going peeps, so friendly and accepting character is great.

Apply with our contact form or send a private message to Jura on the forum. Please include as much of the following as possible:

  1. Methods of contact like Twitter, email, or Windows Live Messenger.
  2. Sample or samples of writing. It can be the first blog post you wish to make on Anime Gerad or something written in the past.
  3. An introduction, history with anime, tastes, preferred types of writing, and how often you are available to write.

No deadline to apply. All written content is to be exclusive to this site. Accepted bloggers will be introduced to the community and given any assistance needed in getting started.

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    alex saing    » Reply «

    hey i have a quick question – do i get paid for this? and also, though i live in houston texas, i want to do anime stuff as a career like making anime websites – in fact, however, anime websites are becoming more popular these days because a lot of viewers comes on the anime websites a lot and check around and comments on articles. any say, comments, suggestions?

    • 2
      Jura    » Reply «

      This blogger search is meant to find a regular blogger, but perhaps something can be worked out.

  2. Do people actually make money off this shit? I find that hard to believe; but if so, they absolutely disgust me.

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      alex saing    » Reply «

      yes, they do get paid. i plan to make an anime website as a career and make into a business such as reviewing anime, figures, etc. though i also can work for a reality company (web design) and make my own anime site at home as well – hiring people and paid them.

  3. Great post . Thank you for information sharing…

  4. 6
    Daquan Wright    » Reply «

    Lol at Ehnani being brutally honest, oh, it hurts!

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