• Sunday, August 24th, 2014

My reaction when...

…something I like is licensed.

Good thing that never happens since I prefer physical releases. Most anime companies of the west are very conservative when choosing which anime or manga they want licensed. They pick up what is new and prefer further what is already in great discussion online to play it safe. Most are not like Discotek Media where they prefer to re-licensed older anime or the boy-love niche company Digital Manga Publishing. Just what is easy.

Chloe We’re Going To Disneyland

…someone asks if I have seen a recent anime.

I look for anime and manga new to me indiscriminately and that makes me out of touch of what most other active fans consume. It is not that I do not not watch anything new, but no I have not seen’t it. Have you seen Giant Gorg or Mugen Shinshi?

...after I hit publish.

…after I hit publish.

Blogging takes effort and a bit of courage. It is not like Twitter spam or simply uploading images you have found to Tumblr. Each entry is a presentation of something you think is proofread and interesting enough to pull someone away from Reddit, Facebook, whatever media, etc.

Willy Wonka

…anime or manga companies I don’t care for shut down or leave regions.

Apathy or distaste may come from cancellations, excessive DRM, poor quality DVD/Blu-Ray releases, or never having licenses of one’s taste. Competition and a healthy industry is great and all, but cancellations just make people bitter. Kodansha USA’s no rescue policy after Del Rey, too.

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