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• Saturday, October 08th, 2016

Horror is a genre anime can do, but does not do much in likes of what North America or Europe does. There is The Omen, Sunshine, Babadook, Let the Right One In, or anything based on Stephen King like The Shining. Some of it is realism that is required with location and real living actors. Some is a lack of demand for it in anime fandom, so instead we get a lot of lolicon, mecha, and moe. Anime has a hard time tapping into what people fear and has a lack of care for the characters that can drive it.

We are missing out on making unforgettable speeches that inspire or provoke the viewer. Any examples from anime tend to come off cheesy, random, awkward or generic whenever they try. By cheesy I mean mood killing, but live-action movies do it better and real life historical people even more. Poor wages for the labor that work on Japanese animation is not something that will help. Hellsing’s I love war speech all there is? Some of it is also lost in translation.

Anime with “PV” or previews and live-action with trailers are the norm, so that already tells what blows. Previews of anime are little short bits with people moving their faces, moving around, and have over-prominent music. There is no hook, no tease, or even an idea of plot. Sure having a trailer tell you the whole movie kills interest and goes too far, but I would believe the goal is to attract hype and create discussion.

Politics could be another, but Gasaraki has that covered with military, family, and corruption. Could have gone saying that it is since so few remember much from it or know of it. Perhaps a bit in fantasy or action anime with historical themes, so I’ll let this one go.

• Friday, November 14th, 2008

Yes we have all seen the horrid photos of when cosplaying, which is dressing up to match an anime or game character, goes wrong and results in an image burned into your brain you can’t forget. It’s always a very traumatic event when you see a 150kg Misty or ugly-as-sin Konata. Not to point any fingers but these generally tend to be american people and end up looking like this

However that said, I thought it would be a pleasant change to see what happens when both american, and japanese cosplay succeeds…

Oh and please correct me if any of the characters names I use are wrong, i’m doing my best to remember them all since its 2am right now. Oh and also i’ll update this again tomorrow since imageshack is being annoying and won’t let me edit this with more photos i’ve found. Buu

EDIT – Ok so it’s the next morning and like I said, i’m going to update this with some more awesome cosplay i’ve managed to find.