• Saturday, October 01st, 2016

Following in Macross’ proud tradition of money-making J-pop exploitation comes the ending that everyone already saw from Macross Frontier.

Episode 26 has our motley crew of social misfits and hired guns thrust back on the planet of Ragna to film the music video for Walkure’s latest album. They sing their fictional hit tracks in quick succession, leaving no room for actual dialogue. All in the hopes it would convince the 35-year-old men watching this crap to steal their parent’s wallet and buy the CD through Amazon. To no one’s surprise, the final boss turned out be a large image projection of a woman singing cover songs… again.

But the worst part of this ending was what actually happened:

Everyone got naked and joined in some giant MIND ORGY.



Something poked his butt.

Something poked his butt.

At least it's accurate. Male to Female Ratio is 6:1

At least it’s accurate. Male to Female Ratio is 6:1

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    Valvatorez    » Reply «

    Rip off Gundam without having to earn the it or be as anywhere as good. Way to go Macross

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