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As some of you may remember 1 of my first posts was a write up about the Visual Novel/game Clannad. Since then i’ve made a few other posts about random mechandise from the show, a new series has come out and have never really watched it again. That new series of course being the After Story which follows the tales of the same characters straight away after the end of Clannad, and continuing for rougly 10 years (at least in the game).  I’ve avoided the new series of After Story because like my original reason for not finishing the 1st series, I know how it ends and…

  • I don’t want to watch anymore epic sad shows. Clannad is full of them, especialy the after story
  • Having finished the VN, I don’t want the endings ruined by the show. 

Don’t get me wrong though, despite the arguably wierd character looks, Kyoto Animation are pretty damn true to the story and have done a phenominal job with the series. So after avoiding close to 22 episodes of content I heard that Episode 16 is the turning point in the show. Boy were they right. This episode was the reason I never played the After Story in the game. What is the big deal you may ask? Well if you’re a softie like me then it’s just very upsetting to see such a good character die. 

“Bwahaha, you wuss, whats the big deal? People die in anime all the time” That is true. Well done stating the obvious but that isn’t what I mean. Usualy in those shows she characters are not really likable, or they are murdered by someone; be it by fighting or what not. No. Nagisa dies a very rare death in anime, and that is a very emotional one due to her character always being rather weak and having an illness. Add that to her dying while giving birth and you have a maelstrom of of emotion and touching tv. Good thing I never followed the series more of I would of cried during this scene. Whats the bet it made many people do exactly that?

Sorry for the whiteness of the caps. That whole part of the episode is very light and the quality of the show itself isn’t exactly high def.

Kyoto Animation are just brilliant and displaying emotion in their characters

Little baby Ushio

Nagisa fading

Tomoya Notices Nagisa has died

R.I.P Nagisa

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    Mandy    » Reply «

    I have just recently fell in love with this show, and just found out it was a game just now. But everyday i couldnt wait to come home a watch this, normally i dont get….”obsessed” if thats the word, but with this, the story just keeps you locked on, and want to know whats next.
    then i started watching “The After Story”. i was so happy and everything that they were getting married, and i knew they would possably have a child. but b4 any of that, i though of how sick, and tiny she was, and knew it wasnt going to be good.
    im not a crier AT ALL but when she was fadeing away, i sobbed, not a tear here and there, i mean SOB! i grew attached to her character through it all, but when she died, i might say this for others, it felt as if i died also.
    i just watched that scene lastnight, and all day today, i’ve felt sick to my stomech everytime i thought about it.
    yes i know,”it’s just an anime show” but it hits reality in many places.
    to my opinion, that just RUINED it. i mean it’s Nagisa we’re tlking about…. :(

  2. This show was a waste of my time. Fuck Clannad.

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      Priscilla    » Reply «

      You are a waste of everyone’s time!

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    June    » Reply «

    I sobbed so hard when I watched this. Clannad has to be the saddest anime I have ever seen. :(

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