• Friday, May 11th, 2012

Cool Cool Bye
In a post-apocalyptic world tribal villages struggle to live in a wrecked landscape with many deadly past remains. The Han tribe’s two warriors Flene and Lek have the job to protect their people and prevent the kidnapping of women of an already male dominate village. An enemy named Tanguin has been taking the women with a massive mecha ship to his mountain of the same name. Tanguin strikes at the very start, but Flene and Lek’s attempt to stop the monster sized machine proved to be of no use. At that point the village is fed up enough to make the pair journey to Tanguin Mountain with a couple villagers and a magical shape shifting girl Kuree.

Cool Cool Bye
Mechanical designs are different in they seem geared for flight and land. Characters are animated with abstract posing to add to the speedy movement and funky character designs. Running has exaggerations and physical length of characters are off from being realistic without turning comical.

Post-apocalyptic stories aren’t always stale when they create wonder about how the world turned out as it did, how long can such technology go without maintenance, and where humanity would be after it all fades away. One would think there would people trying to rebuild with the knowledge of the past, but like real life common study is needed for the complex. The OVA is too brief to give for character development, but it’s an adventure in battling the inside and out of an overwhelming beast from the past.

Cool Cool Bye is a forty-minute anime OVA from 1986. Age, origin in time where OVAs came in bigger numbers, and lack of licensing made this a little known gem.

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