• Sunday, March 15th, 2009

So while I wait rather impaitently for the release of the Astray gundam kit next week (which I will be doing a rather lengthy post on as I construct it) I thought i’d try and keep my bordem to a minimum with a rather basic topic. Desktops. Everyone has them, everyone has different tastes. Heres mine and I invite you to show off your own in return. What say you?

Few things in case your wondering.

  • I have the start menu on auto hide. I’d disable it with a program but I do use it from time to time
  • On the left is a program called Rainmeter. Great program for a few set useful things
  • Everything except for the winamp controller and network traffic meter, is from the same skin which is avaliable Here 
  • Program on the right is Rocketdock. Same thing as Objectdock, but free and cleaner
  • I’m using Windows 7 beta, so if anyone knows how to get rid of that damned recycle bin, PLEASE tell me. I hate it there 
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    As a developer, college student, and sporadic designer (love design, but my major is computer science), I find myself using programs like Photoshop, MS Word, and Notepad ++ many times. I also have BS Free Player (great alternative to Winamp for when there are .mkv files and such…).

    Favorite browser is Firefox, hands down. Opera/Safari would be next.

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    Shane    » Reply «

    Can you please send me the link for the wallpaper that you used?

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