• Friday, August 19th, 2011 is a Japanese artist community for creating and sharing illustrations and oekaki doodles. It sports a Flash web editor for making your own works on the site itself or to reply to images and people in image form. Each image has the process of the drawing saved where you can watch line by line of the image being created. The Pixiv owned site also has RSS feeds for all its members, new images, and the most recent popular. Unlike Pixiv you can browse the site freely without registration, but registration does mean having a Pixiv account. People and images can be bookmarked, as there isn’t a tagging or search system.

Works from Genji generally have a gang of these four or so characters and often times characters from GeGeGe no Kitaro and Akuma-kun. Works have a very rough appearance, layered hair, and well-chosen colors. Often times there will be subtle or not so subtle references to indie music or bands.
drawr | Pixiv | Tegaki | Site

Another artist with a flawless sense of style in character designs. Lots of abstract and fantasy imagery and the Vocaloid twins Rin and Len with consistent use of soft colors. Most works keep it simple and limit the number of different colors.
drawr | FC2 | Twitter | Pixiv

Akuma-kun and GeGeGe no Kitaro characters set in much darker, violent, or suggestive themes. Many of the drawr images are sets that can be viewed together when you try select one of the images and those sets can be often times very dramatic.
drawr | FC2 | Pixiv

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    Third shot is my favorite. All of the styles are relatively simple, but the last gives off an immense sense of adventure and the mechanical designs are pretty sweet. :)

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