• Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

FOX news commenter Lou Dobbs declared two recent movies The Secret World of Arrietty and The Lorax as having a liberal agenda to create “occu-toddlers.” The Lorax is a CG Dr. Seuss movie about taking from the Earth without giving back and The Secret World of Arrietty a Hayao Miyazaki anime based on the novel The Borrowers where really small people live with humans and take what they need to survive. Basically that they’re promoting the anti-industrial views and the protection of the environment from industrialization. Lou Dobbs mentions how the Occupy Wall Street movement pits makers against takers, but I’m not too sure to which of whatever he’s referring to. Hayao Miyazaki movies are often licensed and have showings in theaters, but he is not quite apart of Hollywood. Guests also mention how movies such as these try to parent kids so that parents don’t have to, but that’s under the assumption that the parents aren’t parenting.

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  1. I saw this when someone shared it on twitter and it’s incredibly stupid… Not to mention, Miyazaki’s movies are tailored for a Japanese audience, not American. Given that it’s Fox Noise, they never tell any real news, just Pro Republican propaganda.

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    inuhanyou    » Reply «

    who cares about what propagandists like conservative talking heads want to say about other cultures? Its a non issue and they should not be given the satisfaction of being talked about

  3. Lou Dobbs is just trying to justify hi life of indolence and privilege. He considers himself a “maker” because he is rich and can afford hobbies like raising race horses, but when was the last time he actually put something together? He has immigrant workers taking care of his horses, so, no, he doesn’t “make” anything there. I’m sure he considers spouting off nonsense as “making”, but that makes everyone who stood up to say something at Occupy Wall Street a “maker” too.

    I watched Arietty (unlike Dobbs) and the only people who actually “make” anything in the whole film are the little people Dobbs accuses of being “takers”. The borrowers typically can’t use the things they find as-is, so they are shown manufacturing useful items out of the “borrowed” items. People who actually watch the film are going to have a hard time recognizing the warped fantasy Dobbs is projecting onto it.

  4. I guess he just needed a bogeyman to blame pre-emptively when the world goes to hell. But the world moves on to brighter pastures while those like Dobbs and whatever followers he has gets left behind the times.

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    Joe    » Reply «

    This dude is the biggest fucking weiner.

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    Reed    » Reply «

    “Lou Dobbs mentions how the Occupy Wall Street movement pits makers against takers, but I’m not too sure to which of whatever he’s referring to.”
    Probably Ayn Rand. I remember when Lou Dobbs was on CNN back in the day. His xenophobic anti-immigrant rants were crazy then, and he’s crazy now.

  7. Oh no, as the lone Republican Propagandist of the Anime Community, it’s my turn to put in my two cents, because we’re made of money and can do that unlike poor liberal college kids from the wrong side of the railroad track with their weed and Japanese doodads.

    Japanese people still believe in global warming.
    Dr.Seuss was a liberal propagandist who drew political cartoons for newspapers.

    I think Lou Dobbs makes a good point about how a liberal-saturated market like the movie industry could brainwash children into tree-hugging and liking rap music. I actually didn’t watch the video.

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