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• Friday, June 14th, 2013

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• Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Image bookmarking site Pinterest is a growing site where people add images from the web or computer to share into categories called boards. Users pin videos from the web to embed into Pinterest, like button images to save, or repin other pins into their own boards. Perfect place to show off favorites for those who enjoy collecting images they like. Anime and manga fandom is filled with imagery such as fan art, avatars, screenshots, posters, and cover art.

In addition to pinning of images and making boards for categorization:

  1. Allow other specific users to add pins to a board
  2. Embed codes for adding to webpages
  3. Language settings
  4. Shows pin source, other pins from the same site, and how the pin was added
  5. Activity window and emails to show interactions from others
  6. Gift area for shopping categorized by price
  7. Search for images, boards, or people
  8. Web browser and website Pin It buttons for easy and speedy pinning
  9. Browsing images loads more images to the page when scrolling down
  10. Set board cover instead of latest image
  11. Friend finding and invitations
  12. Follow users or their specific boards

Pinterest is similar to Twitter in that there is a stereotypical view on its usage. Twitter for the longest was seen as a site for people to announce what they were doing at every moment of the day. Twitter users can say to follow people that are of interest, but that would be useless if the other person is not open to seeing Twitter as a place for news, micro-blogging, or connecting with people and brands. Pinterest has a reputation by some for being to much about clothing, products, or fashion. If clothing and fashion are boring then it should be just as easy to say not to search for such pins or users and boards that pin such images.

The design of Pinterest is flashy and displays a lot without being cluttered. Similar sites like We Heart It, Gentlemint, and FFFFOUND! either are playing catch up or limit their use. We Heart It and Gentlemint both pander to specific genders and FFFFOUND! remains invite only.

A Twitter or Facebook account is required for registration and there is a brief open beta waiting list, but it is showing to be one of the fastest growing social networks.

Try it and be sure to follow me.

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