• Sunday, October 09th, 2011

Eat up, my little piggy.

You know, I’ve been complaining that there is no watchable anime this season for like five months, and I can’t believe I never stopped to consider Kamisama Dolls. I didn’t bother doing any research on this thing… hell, I didn’t even see any pictures. Just from the name alone, I passed it off as a harem comedy and proceeded to move on with my life without even a glimpse of its content. Time moved on; each day of work taking turns dejecting what’s left of my spirit worse than the day before, through an incessant onslaught of self-hate.

Anyways, I’m really tired right now having watched all 13 episodes of the first season in one sitting, so when I actually care I’ll come back to write something about this piece. This show has more depth than what you initially see; and I must admit episode seven was by far the most depressing thing I’ve seen in anime in the past three years. It took all I had not to cry…

The most alluring characteristic of this anime for me is its duality. This anime comes off as a children’s cartoon, but is full of violence and sexual impendence. The protagonist, Kyouhei, is a 20-something loser from the countryside, but the real hero of the story is his 12-year-old sister. The “bad guy” is a near-psychotic mass-murderer, but is Kyouhei’s best friend and archnemesis. Kyouhei is actually a badass under the guise of needing a backbone.

Sometimes this anime confuses me… but I really wish I hadn’t wasted all those hours watching lesser anime when I could have just watched this instead.

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