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• Sunday, December 19th, 2010

I realize most blogs are doing some form of “12 days of Christmas” or whatever. I’m six days late, so I decided to try my hands at “12 things I didn’t know I could masturbate to” instead.

Before I discovered anime, I only masturbated to porn. Now I masturbate to figments of my imagination. Japan has this uncanny ability to anthropomorphize everyday objects into fap material in the course of one hour. And there really isn’t much I can not masturbate to. Every day, until Christmas, I will post two of something I might have masturbated to…

from komagarita

12. KFC Biscuits

This caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready to be assaulted by visions of a KFC product during my alone time in the shower. But here we are, and now I am ready to go.

by toi

11. Guro

What’s “guro” you ask? One image search through google will provide you all the information you will ever have to know. Believe it or not, that was the most work-safe image I could find.

• Saturday, March 27th, 2010

With five $5 you can get someone to tell you something that you can easily find on Google.
I will give your the URL to the best “Hentai” Site for $5

You can pay someone to do something that can be easily done on an anime forum.
I will talk anime, manga, comics (Marvel, DC, etc.) with you for $5

Make yourself ugly with…
I will turn you into an Anime character for $5

Force an innocent person to watch Boku no Pico and have them tell you about their thoughts on the anime.
I will watch an amime series of your choice for $5

…oh my, why would anyone normally care?
I will say anything you want in an angry voice in Japanese (in an anime way) for $5

The site is called Fiverr and it basically is a site where you can do things for other people for the fixed price of $5 USD. Payments are done both via credit card or Paypal. Each offer has an image and a description of what you’ll be getting. After you get your product or service, you may leave a review. Perhaps this is your chance to make money on something you can do well.

You can also find people to translate manga, teach you Japanese, review your fan art, and people who will put advertisements up of your site or blog. Those aren’t fun, though.

• Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

I’m sure everyone already knows that Nick Simmons pieced together his manga by cutting out pages from Bleach and Hellsing, and glued them onto pieces of construction paper. Now, I don’t really see why this is a big deal. After all, with all the style Bleach steals from American rock history; we should consider it karma that rock would want its piece of the pie back. In this case, through the proxy known as legendary rocker Gene Simmons’ son, whatever his name was…

Plagiarism happens all the time. For example, nobody seems to care that Ikkitousen is probably, and always will be a huge rip-off of Tenjou Tenge. I would not doubt that if you were to place pages of either over the other you’d notice elements of tracing. But because Ikkitousen’s artist doesn’t suck as bad as Nick Simmons, he can get away with it. On the other hand, Flower of Eden’s artist sucked at art. Or more specifically, sucked at art involving people doing something other than standing. So when Random Person A mentioned that she traces from Slam Dunk and REAL, people made it a big deal. Keiji Kawaguchi traces from photographs and magazines all the time. Like hell he wants to actually visit these places and take pictures on his own. But because his art looks somewhat decent, and because he’s so well-established in the industry, nobody pursues him.

Frankly, I never liked DeviantArt. And I don’t like Incarnate. That doesn’t mean I don’t like American comics. It just means I have good taste.

• Sunday, December 20th, 2009

With Hello Kitty!



A bunch of popular illustrators try to revive the infamous Sanrio franchise. It may work, or not. That will depend on you.

They’ve already stockpiled an impressive set of goods for Comic Market 77. And if I had the balls to leave for Japan, I’d probably buy one.

I mean honestly, is that hot or what?

I mean honestly, is that hot or what?

• Monday, September 28th, 2009
What an ugly cover.

What an ugly cover.

A recent article from Yen Press reveals the cover for the new English version of Spice and Wolf, and boy does it suck. Do people really buy novels based on the cover? Unfortunately, yes. It’s a rather shallow way of approaching literature; no, rather than shallow, I’d have to say contradictory… Therefore I can understand their reasoning behind why they would pull something so daft. Many people are less inclined to buy novels with anime characters on the cover, including myself. However, I’m sure whoever gets tricked into buying spice and wolf will feel betrayed upon seeing the inner illustrations, so I think pulling that move was rather stupid and unnecessary on Yen Press’s part.

Not to mention, I’m pretty sure a lot of potential buyers didn’t buy the Haruhi novel because the cover for the paperback sucked. Besides, even though the cover was not anime-oriented, they still stuck it in the “manga” section of every bookstore I’ve gone to. It seems everything is just working against these people’s genuine efforts to bring Japanese light novels to a wider audience. Oh well, I don’t think too highly of any of these children’s books to begin with, so I’m not too affected.

To be entirely frank, I’m not completely enamored of Spice and Wolf, and its elementary economics, or its token furry heroine. I don’t care if the series gets ruined because it got a horrible eyesore as a cover, or the fact Yen Press’s logogram experts can’t come up with a title design that does not look like some early 90’s RPG. Let’s just say, I’m content with what I see. Hah!

• Monday, August 24th, 2009
A dark and dreary world full of noir emphasis. I see...

A dark and dreary world full of noir emphasis. I see...

Oh lordy, why am I always ten steps behind the times? A Black Rock Shooter anime project has been announced, with all reason for me to be excited. I’ll admit, I’m not that infatuated in Vocaloid software or its music. But when Studio Ordet and ryo (supercell) is involved, how can I contain myself? Unfortunately Yutaka Yamamoto will not be directing this, so things are really up in the air as to how it’ll go. more…