• Monday, August 24th, 2009
A dark and dreary world full of noir emphasis. I see...

A dark and dreary world full of noir emphasis. I see...

Oh lordy, why am I always ten steps behind the times? A Black Rock Shooter anime project has been announced, with all reason for me to be excited. I’ll admit, I’m not that infatuated in Vocaloid software or its music. But when Studio Ordet and ryo (supercell) is involved, how can I contain myself? Unfortunately Yutaka Yamamoto will not be directing this, so things are really up in the air as to how it’ll go.

Black Rock Shooter Screencap 02

Black Rock Shooter Screencap 03

Black Rock Shooter Screencap 04

So just where the hell is...

So just where the hell is...

Oh, there she is. Wait, where's her Rock Cannon??

Oh, there she is. Wait, where's her Rock Cannon??

Black Rock Shooter Screencap 07

And who the...?

And who the...?

Black Rock Shooter Screencap 09

Black Rock Shooter Screencap 10

Black Rock Shooter Screencap 11

Black Rock Shooter if you didn’t know, was a song that appeared on nicovideo over a year ago which was a collaboration between ryo (supercell), who provided the music, and huke, who came up with the concept/illustration. It was really popular, and pretty well-made overall. I guess at some point somebody got drunk and whilst in the process of masturbating to the figurine thought it’d make a nice anime.

On an unrelated note, my friend got run over by a truck and died three days ago, so I hope this is God’s way of making it up to the world. Remember this Miku, you bear the burden of my friend’s death on your back! You better be worth watching~

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  1. Interesting looking anime series, maybe I’ll watch in the future…

    Also, sorry to hear about your friend.

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