• Sunday, May 08th, 2011

So Yumekui Merry held my interest long enough to warrant that I watch the entire series. But that’s nothing new, since I watch anything that gets defecated from the cracks of J.C.Staff’s butt. And since I’m about three or four months late in watching this series, I will make full use of liberally revealing spoilers without using the black bar.

There are several merits (Or merryts, hah, I crack myself up.) going for this show. The ones I enjoyed particularly were as follows:

  • Merry fights like a girl. No seriously. Imagine plucking an average school girl from the hustle and bustle of her average school life, and then augmenting her body with superhuman strength and enhanced reflexes. She still wins every battle purely by exploiting her speed and natural talents.
  • It plays out like an indie flick. Everything including the music, the animated sequences to the voice acting had been finely polished to exfoliate an amateurish atmosphere normally only experienced in short independent films. I never expected this from J.C.Staff.
  • The voice cast isn’t lined with big names. Nothing pisses me off more than hearing Rie Kugimiya in one of her tsundere routines, so a main cast stuffed with side character voices is definitely a relief on my ear drums.

Unfortunately, this show has more cons than I care to list. So I’ll highlight the main ones:

  • Merry is retarded. Not only did she waste ten years of her life, lazing about and not doing a damn thing, but in all those years she never figured out an effective way to accomplish her primary mission: Finding Muma, or whatever they’re called.
  • Merry is useless. She really needs to take advantage of Yumeji’s eye. Every other episode shows an innocent Muma essentially being slaughtered, while Merry is within shouting distance. Ignorance is bliss?
  • Merry is wishy-washy. There aren’t many other shows that can shuffle its feet through this much detritus. Even at the end, the show does not make sense to me, or maybe it’s just too “artistic” to be understood. Either way, surrealism is just temporary putty for the cracks in concrete.
  • Merry needs a waahmbulance. Every episode shows her crying, self-reflecting, or otherwise conflicted in some way. Just shut up already and die!
  • Merry is useless. Merry has yet to save a single soul in thirteen episodes. I guess you could count the Club President, but everyone in this show is too stupid to realize that. If  Merry had a backbone she’d have beat all the bad guys by episode five and allowed me three hours of sleep, but she’s too busy dealing with inner conflict to resolve any actual conflicts. So what good is she? She can’t beat bad guys, she can’t save good guys, she can’t cook or clean, she can’t wait on tables, and hell, she can’t go four minutes without doing something stupid.

Oh speaking of boobs, I don’t see J.C.Staff’s signature breast jiggles… I wonder, whatever happened to those?

A typical episode goes like this:

How many grilled squids would you trade for happiness?

Help! The goggles! They do nothing!

That bitch just stole my mojo...

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