• Monday, January 17th, 2011

I’m not here to complain about America’s education system; or reacting to yellow-fever-induced Japanophilia.

These past few days, I spent every free hour I have been awarded, to the study and practice of a new breed of Zen. Like a lone leaf hangs on its branch for dear life in a storm, I too fell victim to this addictive pastime that littered the grounds with mortar holes in the battlefield of my mind . I woke up today a changed man, freed of the chains that bind me to this mortal realm such as thirst or hunger. Sleep was no longer an obstacle in my pursuit of enlightenment. And thus, I discovered true ecstasy.

That’s right, I imported Arcana Heart 3.

I guess the worst part of all this is that I suck at fighting games. Well, I’ll be playing this until I pee blood. See you guys in a few months, hopefully I’ll still be alive. Which reminds me, I was supposed to review Hyakka Ryouran about two or three months ago… Well, it’s crap. There, I hope I saved you 4 hours of your life you’ll never get back.

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    Gaby    » Reply «

    Im a huge manga-anime fan myself here in america and as you also said i wish i did go to japanese school. Everthing seems so cool over there! Id actually consider it but i only speak english so that would be a huge problem! Well i came upon this site while googling (anime communities) i like you site and posts alot and will register:) i look forward to more posts, great web site :)

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      Jura    » Reply «

      Thanks for joining, feel free to start some topics.

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