• Friday, May 08th, 2009

Japanese Web Design Social Bookmarking Site

Click here to view likely one of the most amazing and refreshing sites for web design. It’s a social bookmarking site that’s much like Digg, Furl, or Reddit. It’s focus however is on showing off websites or pages with unique and amazing coding or looks. Many feature Flash and others range from the simple to the complex. Straightline Bookmarks is fairly English friendly since it has English, images link to the site, and some of the linked to sites are also in English if not in mulitple langauges. There’s actually more to Straightline which can be seen on the homepage. Hopefully the site can get enough attention and users to become much larger and diverse.

Category: Web & Tech
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  1. I really, really dig this site Jura…

    The designs are fresh and smart features like “disable music” are good for a wide audience, even though I’m not a huge fan of flash.

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