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Due to some unfortunate circumstances, which were honestly and 100% totally out of my control (me and my lazy ass) my follow up part 2 post that was coming “tomorrow” has been delayed an entire week or so. However I have the time now so lets do this.

Building the head went rather quickly I must say. Only around 20 parts for it to be totally finished due to the fact that I decided to leave out the LED and all that stuff. I’ve never gone the extra mile of lighting my guys up so it doesn’t bother me any. Still though it looks pretty awesome. There is quite a bit of detail in this guys head. Hope the pics can pic it up

Finaly came the arms. These are a huge improvement over the Strike gundams. At first I thought “wow, they look pretty but have even less movement than Strike’s. However a tiny bit of force later (paint makes joints harder to move) the arm moved a huge amount to the point where the forearm could rest apon the bicep. Pretty big range of movement that allows some really awesome posts. 9.5/10 here fellas. .5% off because it still keeps the Strike’s forearm type connection that can eaisly come unjointed. The poorly drawn double arrow shows how far the arms can really move.

So with all parts finished all that was left was to put them together and get this. Even the original stand I had for the Strike worked with this guy so woo!

So that about finishes my post on my new desk candy. Right now he is busy looking awesome next to my pc as I write this and listen to Deathgaze. Just as a little bit of showing off however, I thought i’d show a picture of some of the gundams I have on my bookshelf and the paints I use to spray them with.

Tamiya spray paints that I buy for around $6 US each. 14 colours here with 2 undercoat cans as well to keep the colour on. However after trying te undercoat on the Strike gundam addon pack (shown upside-down in the pic) it turned everything into a dust magnet. Also there is the DJ Max Portable 2 limited edition box set. Such an awesome game.

Here we have a number of different gundams and even an Eva kit. I’ll start from the small ones and work my way up. The 2 tiny white ones in the front left area are some random Super Deformed kits I found on HLJ while looking one day. The bigger fella behind them is in fact 3 smaller ones that combine into that bigger, more imposing one. 2 make up his legs and the other one wears the elaborate armor. Over on the right we have the Revoltech Eva 01 figure.

Nothing special there, he is just hanging out. Above him we have the Master Grade Hi-Nu and Strike Noir gundam kits. The Hi-Nu gundam was from memory the kit that originaly started me off doing these. He looked so awesome I couldn’t resist buying him. And finally we have the big daddy Eva. This is the Perfect Grade kit from HLJ. I had written a big thing about him but due to my pc crashing I lost it and couldn’t be assed writing it again. Overall that is about 1 of the 2 poses he can make and mabye it’s just my kit but his movement is pathetic and quite honestly was a disappointing buy to the point where I regret paying for him. Oh well though.

So that wraps up another post just abouts. I know the first part had a lot more pics and perhaps I should of spread them out a bit more. I’ll try to remember that next time. For my next post though i’ll be going over OVA 2 of the new Ichgo Mashimaro series!

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