• Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Just what nation would build a 111 meter tall copyright violation and think it’s a great idea? Well, Korea doesn’t seem to mind. Someone sent me a link to an article over at Plastic Pals briefly describing this venture and the only thought that came to mind was, “ugh”.

I grew up watching little to no Korean animation, despite my upbringing by an overly zealous Korean Fascist… and I thank God every night for sparing me from this one pain. Besides, what kind of name is Taekwon V anyways? It sends shivers down my spine just stuttering the sounds that comprise that name.

Well, good luck to Korea, and I assume this is a lot better investment than buying decrepit F-14s from America. By the way, Robot Land is the stupidest name for a theme park, right next to Ireland Land.

At least their Engrish is tolerable.

At least their Engrish is tolerable.

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    Meh, I rather liked Taekwon V. He kinda looked like Mazinger as a viking.

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