• Thursday, August 02nd, 2012

There is one particular genre of anime that I can barely stand… and that’s called reverse harems.

A normal harem consists of a lucky loser with no distinguishing attributes surrounded by beautiful women who all want to be boned. The comedy borne from this tried and trusted one-step formula is golden, and any lack of plot or substance can be excused by simply dissolving the nearest bra.

A reverse harem stars a frigid woman with no interest in penis, surrounded by pretty men who all want to bone each other. The comedy is laughably bad, and the romance edges toward a monogamous end. Clearly, this was not intended for males.

Speed lines compensate for action!

So then why the fuck am I watching Arcana Famiglia?

There is so much fucking penis in this show that there’s not enough time for the anime to explain what everyone’s silly powers are. Oh wait, did I mention that everyone in this show has some sort of silly power? To join the “Arcana Famiglia” one must pledge his loyalty to the head of the family, known as Papa — yes, as stupid as it sounds, that is his title — and receives some sort of power loosely derived from one of the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot. It’s like watching wrestling where everyone has Mick Foley‘s sock on their hand.

This positioning… that tiny glint of incisors… the look of distress in her eyes… is picture perfect.

But the only saving grace is that the heroine Felicita sports a twin-tail hair style and a modest body shape. It also helps that hearing her name makes me think of fellatio. I wonder why?

Touch me.


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