• Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Save yourself some time. This picture explains all you need to know.

So the television run of Black Rock Shooter left me depressed. Since you all know me by now, I’m not talking about the preteen drama.

It had a flimsy story revolving around melodramatic metaphors which occasionally incorporate elements of huke’s artworks. The end result for the most part, failed horribly to provoke any sympathy from my cold dead heart. I have to admit that for an anime designed to capitalize on a niche audience, it was strangely watchable. However, since the “plot” primarily consists of middle school girls exaggerating on the pain of living, much like a Linkin Park song, it’s no surprise the anime is only eight episodes and very difficult to get into.

And what was with the teacher trying to instigate a fight between Deadmaster and Black Rock Shooter? Why did she interfere during the fight with Chariot? Why did she have to go and ruin her students’ lives? Why why why? Everyone would have gone about their days like nothing mattered if she hadn’t butted in. Then she ends up paying for it in the end; but nobody has any harsh words for her. They all smile and become the the best of friends like an episode of Care Bear.

Seriously, fuck that.

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