• Friday, July 03rd, 2009
Here we have Touka getting wet.

Here we have Touka getting wet.

Episode 13 was worse than episode 12 in terms of time-wasting and pissed me off in every way possible. The animation was superb, considering it was from a dying studio, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted more mahjong play and less scenes of Touka getting excited and wet from absolutely nothing. I mean, seriously, what was getting her so worked up anyways? Nothing happened! Haramura Nodoka won twice and gained like 10,000 points. That’s not story progression, that’s not turn-of-event, there was nothing significant to it. It was just Nodoka winning twice in a boring uneventful game.

Saki slowly moves her hand up for the oncoming convulsions.

Saki slowly moves her hand up for the oncoming convulsions.

Was there really a point to this episode besides giving me blue balls? I don’t think so. And what really pissed me off was that they didn’t focus the anime on the real main character: Touyoko Momoko. Momoko is Tsuruga’s secret weapon. They’ve been biding their time just for these last two rounds. When the professional mahjong bitch is going on about how the unfair rules favor “special children” Momoko is amongst the sillhouettes. So who exactly is she?

I’ll tell you what, Momoko is a ninja. There, that’s what’s up.

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    Ninjas in my lesbian mahjong? Such brilliant madness.

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