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• Friday, April 20th, 2012

I don't want to watch this show again just to screencap.

I woke up from two episodes of Jormungand yesterday and went back to playing Skullgirls. So far, everything has been completely true to the manga: the characters suck, the story sucks, the setting sucks, the action sucks and Jormungand sucks.

Actually, I’m confused at why they chose to animate this series in the first place. I read the manga way back when, and determined it wasn’t worth my time; thereby objectively denying its existence. So it surprised me to find eleven volumes of Jormungand on Amazon.co.jp nearly three years later. Could I… Did I make another mistake? Was it actually a better comic than I remember it being? So thanks to the Internet, I wasted no time getting my hands on the first two episodes to prove me wrong. My well-rested eyelids can attest to the fact that I was on point for a change.

For someone who wants a more concrete explanation, not that it matters, because debating over opinions is a great way to lose interest, I’ve broken it down to three simplified reasons:

  • Nobody except for fat weapons otaku from a country with strict gun control laws would be interested in watching, let alone reading, a boring action/drama about arms dealing.
  • The characters all look like snakes with their slitty eyes and narrow faces. I’m hoping that’s where the title comes from; because I really can’t see the connection between this shit and the Midgard Serpent.
  • This series is pieced together worse than a Korean manhwa. 85% of Korean manhwa is made by taking the most choice pieces from the creator’s favorite Japanese manga. This is the same idea, except it seems the yellow bastard is Japanese.

I stole one too many pictures. I don't even know where this goes.