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• Monday, May 07th, 2012

A few months ago, I may have admitted that I hate sequels, but a recent discovery made me change my mind. Whilst talking to the few scattered anime fanboys located in various back alley apartment buildings across Southern Virginia, it occurred to me that any time a sequel, spin-off or remake was mentioned their eyes went dead; almost as if they were shooting blanks. As far as they knew, the ‘F’ in Zero no Tsukaima was a decorative piece, there was no Dragonball before Z, and Nazo no Kanojo X is a sequel.

Case in point: Eureka Seven AO. All I remember of the first series was surfing robots and masturbating to Anemone doujinshi. Yet somehow, I was beating all these naruto/bleach fantards in general knowledge; despite the fact that Eureka Seven aired on cable television. If I had to somehow describe this sandbagging with an analogy, I would have to liken it to a wild mustang mounting a chihuahua.

The lack of good conversation partners is almost making me regret getting banned from all those anime forums.

So back to Eureka Seven Ao. The series starts off with a blue-haired Renton assembling the key pieces of his multi-colored hairem starting with his childhood friend, some skinny girl with asthma. Somehow the story has shifted from a fantasy world full of living rocks that spew green energy, to the real world, a dystopia divided by political strife, satellite television and seagulls. When was the last time you saw a real animal in the first Eureka Seven other than those weird-ass sky fishies?