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• Thursday, April 26th, 2012

You know a team is doomed when the only two members with special powers are dumb as shit. It’s pretty funny to see them try to make heads or tail out of Amae Koromo. I mean, they couldn’t possibly believe they were the only siblings with special god-like powers in the world. That would just be too unfair.

I also really like how Koukaji Pro is the trauma which stands in the way between Akado Harue and the world of professional mahjong. Koukaji must have raped Harue pretty bad. I wonder what her special power is? From Koukaji’s initial appearance in Saki, it’s hard to tell that she’s the strongest female in the world of mahjong.

There are a few bad things I have to note. The producers are trying to cram way too much into each episode. I really would’ve liked to see some mahjong playing instead of the defeated dazed looks of their opponents trying to pull their head out of their ass. Sometimes the character portraits look like lima beans instead of the plump moeblobs of the original Saki. I credit this to the art style of Saki Achiga-hen’s mangaka, and to Studio Gokumi. You can’t win them all!