• Monday, February 06th, 2012

Girls the Wild’s is a manhwa about a school in Korea run by a white man.

I’m sure the artist meant “Girls of the Wild” and probably a play-on words with “Girls Gone Wild”. But nevertheless, it’s a decent Korean webcomic with a point-blank generic harem theme. I don’t know whether I like it, but it’s definitely something for me to pass the time with.

The art’s nice, and that’s probably the only thing that matters.

I’m actually a bit disappointed because the beginning chapters seemed to hint at a serious storyline with actual depth. Then all of a sudden, it’s like all those flashbacks were meaningless because the girls turned into formless amoebas that exist only to fill the character molds they were ripped off of.

To make the formula even more formulaic, our protagonist Jae Gu is a pathetic loser who gets bullied. It’s not entirely clear which route he’ll choose: Either learn to fight ala Kenichi, or continue to grovel in submission and act cute so his cute upperclassmen can fight his battles for him. Either way, it’s unrealistic. I don’t know what happened to his balls from early on in the series when he stood up to the most powerful female in Korea.

All I can say is… meh.

I think no matter how this story pans out, I’ll continue to be disappointed with the protagonist…

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