• Monday, August 31st, 2009

As it turns out, today was the date set for something called MikuFES’09. And amongst the humble list of artists who will be present, the last name on the list surprised me. MOSAIC.WAV, known for their creation of the ‘new’ music genre “Akiba-Pop”, have jumped on the bandwagon and will be releasing a ‘collaboration’ CD with Hatsune Miku. Now the only part of all this that bothers me… Is that MOSAIC.WAV already has a high-pitched vocalist who gives me headaches. If you add in Miku to that garbage, just how awful will it become?

On the other hand, MOSAIC.WAV haven’t exactly been the talk of the town after Sumomo mo Momomo, Potemayo, and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki; so perhaps this is their chance to worm their way back into the afterthoughts of nerdy otaku socialites.

What a long wait...

What a long wait...

This news isn’t new in the slightest, I believe it was announced nearly two weeks before Comic Market 76. However, my lack of enthusiasm for websurfing cost me dearly in this regard. That makes me sound like I actually care. Hah, nevermind that. I know I won’t be buying this.

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