• Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

by Miwa Shirow

I hate Vocaloid, and its many abnormal hair colored incarnations. I hate it so much that I could puke. So explain to me… why nearly eight gigabytes of my iPod is occupied by Hatsune Miku and her Nazi friends? Why more than 240$ of my hard-earned paychecks has gone to purchase of synthetic vocal collections? Why I waste many hours out of my week scanning Nico Nico Douga for new songs and videos of that little virtual cunt? But more importantly, why do I cry myself to sleep every night…?

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    Glo    » Reply «

    Personally, I find that synthetic music shit to be among the stupidest, most annoying sounds ever found on earth, besides the sound of an alarm clock. God I don’t know how people can like that shit. You should see a psychiatrist, there might be something wrong with you if your spending money on it….or maybe there’s some type of hypnotism embedded in the music that forces people to buy it. Personally, I’d rather shoot my dick off with a harpoon.

    • Finally! Someone who understands!

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      Vocaloid lu    » Reply «

      Then if you hate vocaloid
      You may search a other songs then vocaloid.
      Hope this helps!

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    shUTAU me now, please?    » Reply «

    I used to hate Vocaloid so much… all the synth and disjointed singing made it shit to me. Now I have 4 Vocaloid cosplays, over $1,600 in Vocaloid merch clustering up my room (not including the software I’ve bought), and 3 4GB ipods full up of Vocaloid music. WHY? WHY THE FUCK IS IT SO GODDAMN ADDICTIVE?! I’M EVEN LISTENING TO IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW! o___o I need help. ;___; D:< *angryflusteredcrying*

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    b0adicea1    » Reply «

    Meh, personally I like the songs, Miku isn’t my favorite though. Though you don’t like it, it seems your hearing senses do. Just stop looking, block NND and remove the songs on your Ipod. Don’t like it, don’t have anything to do with it. It’s like me and Nicki Minaj…

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    Vocaloid lu    » Reply «

    Ya vocaloid vocaloid
    It dosent make any sence
    Well first of all I don’t like rin and len

  5. 7
    Vocaloid lu    » Reply «

    Well Oliver is the only one who is too cute
    I like him even neru but sometimes I hate vocaloid not all the time I hate it!!

  6. 8
    Vocaloid lu    » Reply «

    By the way
    If you hate vocaloid
    Then lisin to of there songs
    Sorry my spelling isn’t good sometimes :(

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    Vocaloid lu    » Reply «

    Hi I’m back
    Well can you help me with something??
    Why PPL like vocaloid that much
    Please reply back
    thank you!!!

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    Jura    » Reply «

    People like Vocaloid because it’s something that was made by a company and a bit taken over by the fans. Fans create fan art with their own style and music with their own tastes. It is a software that turned something kinda lame into something worthy of attention with an array of characters and potential.

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