• Sunday, October 10th, 2010


Who would do the voices? If you’re weeaboo enough, then you already have a cast list in your head. So man up, and post it for me. Show me your dick, faggot! Here’s my list, and why I think the way I do. My reasoning is flawless. I’ll probably be so sad when I find out the actual cast list.

Madaraki Fran – Tamura Yukari
Damn right! I think Tamura Yukari has this careless evil nuance in her voices that’s been grossly under-exploited in anime. Maybe she’ll start breaking away from her typecast long enough to try this.

Madaraki Veronica – Hanazawa Kana
As we all know, Veronica is the tsukkomi to Fran’s bokke, and in my personal opinion, nobody would play a better tsukkomi than Hanazawa Kana. Or maybe she’s a bokke… Whatever, she has that duality in her voice.

Madaraki Gavrill – Tanaka Rie
Who knows if Gavrill will ever make an appearance after the hotel explosion. But if she does end up becoming a regular; then I know Rie Tanaka’s gotta do the voice. I can’t think of anyone with a better “psychotic bitch” voice ever since I watched Canaan.

Okita (the cat dude) – Abe Atsushi
There isn’t as wide a selection of male voices to choose from… so I’ll just go with Atsushi. Okita seems to be fairly young, judging from facial features alone, so I want someone relatively new. Yes, I don’t really care.

Officer Kuhou – Shintani Ryouko or Sawashiro Miyuki or [Insert Name]
Who cares who does her voice?

Adorea – Mizuki Nana
Mizuki Nana can voice anything that barely talks. So yeah, why the hell not?

Dr. Amatsuka – Jouji Nakata
I love the sound of Jouji Nakata’s voice. I think he should be getting roles that are closer to his age about now anyways.

Dr. Madaraki – Akio Ootsuka
I don’t know if the doctor will be getting a voice in the series, but if he does; if just for narration or letter reading purposes alone, it should be Akio Ootsuka. Why shouldn’t we have Black Jack doing the voice of a world-renowned biologist / mad scientist? Money talks.

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    Nikki    » Reply «

    I think the voice actors in the Drama CD were pretty good too.

    • Never listened to the drama CD, but Koshimizu Ami and Chihara Minori aren’t my ideal Fran and Veronica voices. However, they’re not bad choices. Kuwatani Natsuko as Kaneda isn’t surprising, since she always voices side characters. The only other name on there that distinctly stands out to me is Iguchi Yuka. Though I don’t know this Rena character she voiced…

      So overall, without hearing the Drama CD myself, I’d have to say they were fairly good choices.

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