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• Sunday, April 12th, 2009


Due to some unfortunate circumstances, which were honestly and 100% totally out of my control (me and my lazy ass) my follow up part 2 post that was coming “tomorrow” has been delayed an entire week or so. However I have the time now so lets do this. more…

• Monday, April 06th, 2009

Well to be honest my gundam is already finished but I took as many pics as I could between the steps before going onto the next but due to my sister messing with the camera, some of the unarmored shots I took are missing so what you see here is the end result of the parts such as arms, legs and such.

Day 1

Yet again today was a rather dark and cold day so all in all it was a rather subpar gundam building day but I care not for cold weather so construction went ahead.

1 thing I love about PG kits is how they are built. Most kits you buy start on the chest, move over to the arms, up to the head, down to the waist, further down to the legs and finaly the feet. However these kits start from the feet and work their way up logicaly so the last thing to be build is the head itself. Ah great stuff. As some photos are gone so you’ll have to make do with a combined leg/foot pic. more…

• Thursday, April 02nd, 2009

So today my brand spanking new gundam kit arrived in what I thought was a rather excessivly sized box. Looked like it could of shipped a small child it was so large. As the pics below should show as well this kit is indeed so big that it requires (rather gracious of Bandai) a carry handle to cart around; something i’ve never had the pleasure of seeing on a kit i’ve bought. Gone is the flimsy cardboard housing that could eaisly be taken apart by some theiving bastard to steal a precious runner which would leave you and your kit high and dry. This baby is fully enclosed, fully colored thick cardboard which looks like in itself would of cost a little bit to make.

It even has embossed kanji on the side of the box which makes it very pretty to display. Unfortunatly due to the weather and the time this guy arrived construction is schedualed to start tomorrow when I wake up so this is sort of a pre-build post just to show off the box. Next 2, 3 or mabye even 4 posts I do will be about the building of this bad boy. Fun times ahead!

PG Astray kit together with the Limited options kit. This includes an extra katana, stand for both weapons as well as clear armor plating that replaces 2/3rds of the armor on him, including head, shoulders, 1 arm, 1 leg, chest and waist,  allowing you to show his innards off.

This is the other side of the box. Spiffy no?

Next up we have a size comparison with the Strike gundam’s housing. As you can see the Astray box is around 2 – 3 inches taller and about 2 inches wider. More parts = more fun

And finally here we have the side of the box which has the handle on it as well as the embossing. So far this kit gets a 10/10 on box presentation

So… tomorrow starts a long day of sore shoulders and modeling. Many more pics to come.