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• Sunday, October 10th, 2010


Who would do the voices? If you’re weeaboo enough, then you already have a cast list in your head. So man up, and post it for me. Show me your dick, faggot! Here’s my list, and why I think the way I do. My reasoning is flawless. I’ll probably be so sad when I find out the actual cast list.

Madaraki Fran – Tamura Yukari
Damn right! I think Tamura Yukari has this careless evil nuance in her voices that’s been grossly under-exploited in anime. Maybe she’ll start breaking away from her typecast long enough to try this.

Madaraki Veronica – Hanazawa Kana
As we all know, Veronica is the tsukkomi to Fran’s bokke, and in my personal opinion, nobody would play a better tsukkomi than Hanazawa Kana. Or maybe she’s a bokke… Whatever, she has that duality in her voice.

Madaraki Gavrill – Tanaka Rie
Who knows if Gavrill will ever make an appearance after the hotel explosion. But if she does end up becoming a regular; then I know Rie Tanaka’s gotta do the voice. I can’t think of anyone with a better “psychotic bitch” voice ever since I watched Canaan.

Okita (the cat dude) – Abe Atsushi
There isn’t as wide a selection of male voices to choose from… so I’ll just go with Atsushi. Okita seems to be fairly young, judging from facial features alone, so I want someone relatively new. Yes, I don’t really care.

Officer Kuhou – Shintani Ryouko or Sawashiro Miyuki or [Insert Name]
Who cares who does her voice?

Adorea – Mizuki Nana
Mizuki Nana can voice anything that barely talks. So yeah, why the hell not?

Dr. Amatsuka – Jouji Nakata
I love the sound of Jouji Nakata’s voice. I think he should be getting roles that are closer to his age about now anyways.

Dr. Madaraki – Akio Ootsuka
I don’t know if the doctor will be getting a voice in the series, but if he does; if just for narration or letter reading purposes alone, it should be Akio Ootsuka. Why shouldn’t we have Black Jack doing the voice of a world-renowned biologist / mad scientist? Money talks.