• Monday, November 01st, 2010
Here’s episode five summed up in two pictures:

Y-you're hurting me.

Why won't you look me in the eyes!!

Aragaki Ayase. My new favorite character. From this anime series that I only occasionally watch every now and then. Yeah, I only watched, like what, five episodes? (Out of five episodes.)

Straight out of a page from How to Make Female Friends 101, Kirino comes to realize just how poor a judge of character she truly is. Like a grade schooler accepts candy from strangers, Kirino essentially surrounded herself with the wrong type of people to preserve her self-image rather than give thought to her well-being. It’s only after an accidental confrontation with her attention-starved “best friend” that she began to have second thought about this dank dichotic friendship that pits her true self against a menagerie of lies.

Needless to say, we already know she’ll try to discombobulate matters by trying to preserve the way things are; instead of giving up her double life and openly pursuing little sisters as only true otakus can dream about. And that is why Kirino is seemingly unhappy outside of her room playing erotic games.

This anime is really bad.

Waitaminute, let’s back up. So now that I’ve written a non-serious post, time for me to break away from the whole superficial friend ordeal that obviously needed a second glance, and go back to the important topic that plagues the shallow minds that tune in every week for this piece of crap.

A momentous revelation from episode five was when Kirino reveals her ambiguous attraction to little sisters possibly stems from her feeble relationship with an estranged brother who was never there for her. Wherein this untreated brother complex took the form of personal lust and mistaken identity. I would usually be thrilled at the prospect if this set-up came from an erotic game or animated porn, but this is anime. Nothing of any real density comes from something that airs on national television. So I’m sad to say that I’m sorely disappointed, by this teasing minutia of prospectful incest. To hell with this.

Anime is bad for you.

Please, I implore you to reconsider.

Hmmm.... Okay!

In other news, Kirino’s dad must be the most patient man in the world. He allows his only daughter to pose in suggestive clothes for magazines, so she can be used for masturbation by boys and men across the country. Furthermore, he allows his daughter to watch anime and play games featuring the exploitation of scantily-clad little girls? It’s great that he has an open mind, but the principle behind the matter should make him hurl more than one punch. He’s way too understanding. But that’s just a personal opinion. If your dad is like that, then more power to you.

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    Glo    » Reply «

    Crazy lesbian stalker? That’s my favorite character type! Fuck, this show looks shitty as fuck, but now I have to watch it. God damn it.

  2. Must be a Japanese thing…. xD

  3. 3
    Servon    » Reply «

    You must be crazy, this anime is amazing. If its not your type, don’t bad mouth it for the many who enjoy it.

    • You must be crazy, this anime is awful. I’m sure you noticed the sneaky fallacy in that statement. But you need not worry, I am watching every episode as they come out. I make it a point of learning the back story for every doujinshi I masturbate to.

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