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• Monday, January 06th, 2014


No need to provide pictures, because everyone’s favorite lesbian mahjong anime is back! This time with a real sequel.

I hate the manga, but I couldn’t wait these past five years for the sequel to never come out, so I ended up reading it. And after countless sleepless nights of prayers, this ended up on my doorstep.

Truth be told, I didn’t think it was possible to make a Saki sequel… The biggest obstacle being the sheer number of talents that would be required to give voice to each of those sweet nubile high school girls. Theoretically, one voice actress can do multiple characters, but this isn’t BlazBlue, the viewers would eventually catch on and there will be hell to pay. I didn’t know what to expect with this series, but the first episode boasts an all-star cast erasing all doubts that these people aren’t afraid to throw all their money into this disgusting garbage anime! i’m lovin’ it

Check it out:
Miyanaga Saki – Ueda Kana
Haramura Nodoka – Koshimizu Ami
Kataoka Yuuki – Kugimiya Rie
Takei Hisa – Shizuka Itou
Someya Mako – Shiraishi Ryouko
Suga Kyoutarou – Fukuyama Jun
Kosegawa Shiromi – Nagatsuma Juri
Aislinn Wishart – Mizuno Mariko (Who is this?)
Kakura Kurumi – Toyota Moe
Usuzawa Sae – Satou Rina
Anetai Toyone – Uchida Maaya
Kumakura Toshi – Morota Kaoru
Karijuu Tomoe – Akasaka Chinatsu
Usuzumi Hatsumi – Tsuji Ayumi
Iwato Kasumi – Ohara Sayaka
Atago Hiroe – Matsuda Satsumi
Atago Kinue – Nakatsu Mariko
Suehara Kyouko – Kotobuki Minako
Fukuji Mihoko – Horie Yui
Ikeda Kana – Morinaga Rika
Yoshitome Miharu – Kanzaki Chiro
Bundou Seika – Matayoshi Ai
Kubo Takako – Yamada Miho
Ryuumonbuchi Touka – Chihara Minori
Amae Koromo – Fukuhara Kaori
Hagiyoshi – Ono Daisuke
Kajiki Yumi – Kobayashi Yuu
Touyoko Momoko – Saitou Momoko
Kanbara Satomi – Kuwatani Natsuko
Senoo Kaori – Shintani Ryouko
Tsuyama Natsuki – Nanasawa Shin
Takakamo Shizuno – Yuuki Aoi
Atarashi Ako – Touyama Nao
Oohoshi Awai – Saitoh Chiwa
Tajihi Mayuko – Furuki Nozomi (Who the hell?)
Kokaji Sukoya – Gotou Saori
Fukuyo Kouko – Nonaka Ai
Pro Oonuma – Miyashita Eiji
Announcer – Koiwai Kotori
Live Coverage Announcer – Tasaka Hideki

And this is just the first fucking episode!!

• Monday, November 01st, 2010
Here’s episode five summed up in two pictures:

Y-you're hurting me.

Why won't you look me in the eyes!!

Aragaki Ayase. My new favorite character. From this anime series that I only occasionally watch every now and then. Yeah, I only watched, like what, five episodes? (Out of five episodes.)

Straight out of a page from How to Make Female Friends 101, Kirino comes to realize just how poor a judge of character she truly is. Like a grade schooler accepts candy from strangers, Kirino essentially surrounded herself with the wrong type of people to preserve her self-image rather than give thought to her well-being. It’s only after an accidental confrontation with her attention-starved “best friend” that she began to have second thought about this dank dichotic friendship that pits her true self against a menagerie of lies.

Needless to say, we already know she’ll try to discombobulate matters by trying to preserve the way things are; instead of giving up her double life and openly pursuing little sisters as only true otakus can dream about. And that is why Kirino is seemingly unhappy outside of her room playing erotic games.

This anime is really bad. more…

• Wednesday, July 15th, 2009


I can honestly say Saki is the only thing keeping me alive after Haruhi repeatedly stabs me in the face every week. Episode 15 was good for two reasons: One, the fukushou matches ended. Two, the taishou matches started. I guess the fact Momoko is so adorable could be a possible third reason, but I’d rather not bring my sexual drive into this since my opinion tends to get awfully skewed in the presence of charming ladies. That may be why I’m still single. more…