• Monday, July 06th, 2009

Now what’s the dealio with this latest concoction from those repugnant blisters over at Kyo-Ani? Episode two, three and four were all the same episode. Granted, there were different outfits and a few unanimated scenes in three and four that was not there in episode two, but essentially they are the same episode. I get that they are trapped in an infinite time loop and there’s some sort of significance to the number 15,500 which I will never understand… but are they seriously kidding me?

First Episode, we see Haruhi in a red-white bikini.

First Episode, we see Haruhi in a red-white bikini.

Here we have Haruhi in a china-top swimsuit.

Here we have Haruhi in a china-top swimsuit.

Here we have... oh, it's her again.

Here we have... oh, it's her again.

Is it just me or does this all just look too familiar? This is not funny, this is not revolutionary, this is boring. This is stupid. Kyo-Ani has the skills and talent to make something truly worth watching, but I should have known from their recent release of pure unadulterated crap to expect something like this.

But then again, there has never been an anime, excluding the last two episodes of Evangelion and its Death and Rebirth movie, to try something as ridiculous as this. Perhaps if they can drag this out for ten more episodes, it will be remembered fondly as something groundbreaking… but right now I’m getting tired and sleepy. I’m gonna get some Taco Bell. There was no point to this post.

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    FlameStrike    » Reply «

    Yeah you have a point, three episodes would been fine but 4+ is pushing it. I recommend just not watching until they get on with the next arc.

  2. Wow, talk about useless. xD

    I was thinking of watching it, I think you just saved me some time.

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    Tommy    » Reply «

    I myself is always eager to watch each new episode of it release but each time the anime stay at this never ending arc.

    Please Kyon do something to Haruhi!!

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