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• Friday, October 05th, 2012

I watched the first episode of Kyo-Ani’s latest garbage, chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai. Now I have to go to the clinic and have myself checked.

In other news, agua burger turned out to be pretty fun, despite how slow it is. I’ve also picked up Tekken Tag Tournament 2. As I have no experience with Tekken in general, this will be my introduction to the game series. Perhaps that was a mistake…

I’m hungry.

• Monday, July 06th, 2009

Now what’s the dealio with this latest concoction from those repugnant blisters over at Kyo-Ani? Episode two, three and four were all the same episode. Granted, there were different outfits and a few unanimated scenes in three and four that was not there in episode two, but essentially they are the same episode. I get that they are trapped in an infinite time loop and there’s some sort of significance to the number 15,500 which I will never understand… but are they seriously kidding me? more…