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• Sunday, July 12th, 2009

How do you reward all the ungrateful blisters who complained about Kyo-Ani’s untimely schedule, haruhi’s second season being repeatedly delayed, and about their latest lineup of crap being… well, just that–crap? How about an endless time loop episode where it keeps repeating itself over and over again every week for over a month?

Well, Kyo-Ani’s gone and done just that.

Thus is thy punishment for all who hath complaineth of K-ON! Thus is thy punishment for all who hath sleepeth through the CLANNADs. And thus is thy punishment for masturbateth on Lucky Star figurines.

This is a troll. I know, I can smell it. As my first grade colleagues like to phrase it, “Takes one to know one.” Hopefully this will wake people up and help them understand that Kyo-Ani’s former glory left the studio with Yutaka Yamamoto. Even if it’s true that the scenes are new, the episodes are still the same.

Now, if you will excuse me I will perma-ban Kyo-Ani from our forum for not only trolling the world, but more importantly, me.

Brought to you by: theTruth

• Monday, July 06th, 2009

Now what’s the dealio with this latest concoction from those repugnant blisters over at Kyo-Ani? Episode two, three and four were all the same episode. Granted, there were different outfits and a few unanimated scenes in three and four that was not there in episode two, but essentially they are the same episode. I get that they are trapped in an infinite time loop and there’s some sort of significance to the number 15,500 which I will never understand… but are they seriously kidding me? more…

• Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
Hm, almost looks interesting...

Hm, almost looks interesting...

I’m extremely late on this one. So, I just found out yesterday that the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra got involved with some bad crowd and is the talk of the intrusive otaku culture. Little did I know that they were referring to Haruhi music. So I did a simple torrent search, and sure enough there it was. Not one to be fooled, I decided to download the album and sample it — before purchasing of course. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t judge me. I can’t be a straight shooter all the time. I’m only human.

Now where was I? Oh yes, well, Aya Hirano sucks at singing. Good night.

If you’re not convinced by my convincing argument, go  right ahead: buy it and listen for yourself. Granted, the orchestral parts were pretty impressive, but I’m assuming my slight infatuation with the Suzumiya Haruhi bandwagon is biasing my good taste. I’d suggest downloading the FLACs buying the CD, hooking up a cheap ATH-HA20 or Hartmann’s to your computer or player, and borrowing a pair of Kenwood KH-K1000 to listen to the classical instruments completely ruined by anime pop; and just when you think it can’t get any worse Aya Hirano’s vocal seals the deal.

In other news, South Carolina’s governor admits to infidelity. But nine out of 17 Republicans agree, it’s still not quite as bad as Aya Hirano’s singing.

Japanese Lesson For Today: gen – sou, ‘gen’ means a bowstring or chord and ‘sou’ appears to be a type of pastry. Wait, this doesn’t seem right. Oh there we go, I was on the wrong line. It’s to play music.

• Thursday, April 02nd, 2009

This just in, the much awaited 2nd season of Haruhi will indeed air this year. A few weeks ago it was revealed that the 1st season will reair in april. Of course this caused quite a bit stir in fans and many, including myself, thought “well they the hell make an announcement leading us to believe you were airing season 2 this april?”. It seems they had a plan all along and according to reports, season 2 will begin after the airing of the 1st season. In otherwords Haruhi season 2 airs in july. So unless there is a report further down the track declairing otherwise, mark it on your calanders… Haruhi season 2 in july

• Wednesday, February 04th, 2009

Update: As it turns out the so called announcement was a rather cruel play on words. Due to the rather open nature of the original air date, this only refers to a RERUN of the original anime series. Perhaps when that is completed they will air the continuing series. 

Just a small post to let everyone know that hasn’t already heard. The long overdue and awaited Haruhi season 2 will apparently begin airing in april.  However which april, this or next, is still left open for discussion. The news comes from a comercial for anime mag Newtype, which sports a “TV anime broadcasts commence in April” on the front cover. More will be known and updated on when the mag itself drops on the 10th of february.