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• Friday, October 05th, 2012

I watched the first episode of Kyo-Ani’s latest garbage, chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai. Now I have to go to the clinic and have myself checked.

In other news, agua burger turned out to be pretty fun, despite how slow it is. I’ve also picked up Tekken Tag Tournament 2. As I have no experience with Tekken in general, this will be my introduction to the game series. Perhaps that was a mistake…

I’m hungry.

• Wednesday, September 05th, 2012

This game was not quite as fun as I anticipated. And before anyone asks, yes, I do suck at the game; but I don’t know if that is just because of my lack of skills or the fact that I only spent three hours total playing the shit. I find it hard to get into, and I feel absolutely no “connection” with any of the characters. The only character I actually like, purely for aesthetic reasons is Shadow Labrys’ persona Asterius, but only because it looks badass moving about in the background like a giant target waiting to be persona broke. Fucking shitty character… In fact, it was so disappointing I decided to dish out some money on my backup plan. That’s right, the game that everyone is afraid to even mention: AquaPazza.

The name leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Now I know it doesn’t look good at first glance, or even after a hour of gameplay footage. However, I should point out that despite the gimmicky idea of adding characters from different Aquaplus/Leaf games into a horrible crossover (Marvel, anyone?) and giving them a fighting engine and character movesets; the game itself looks pretty solid. It’s not a typical animu fighter, and doesn’t utilize air-dash, and other broken mechanics (partners aside), and the combos aren’t entirely too ridiculous. There are legitimate tactics, footsies, gameplay that seems to be entirely ignored by the majority solely for the fact that it’s an anime fighter. So, here I am to prove them wrong by playing this crap for about a month.

Expect to see a “amagawd, Aquapizza sucks” post come October.