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• Friday, October 05th, 2012

I watched the first episode of Kyo-Ani’s latest garbage, chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai. Now I have to go to the clinic and have myself checked.

In other news, agua burger turned out to be pretty fun, despite how slow it is. I’ve also picked up Tekken Tag Tournament 2. As I have no experience with Tekken in general, this will be my introduction to the game series. Perhaps that was a mistake…

I’m hungry.

• Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

You know what I can’t stop watching? Why did nobody tell me about this thing?


What’s that? There’s a game? Oh, that thing. No, not interested.

I find the Japanese opinions on this video interesting, as it’s entirely contrary to the Americans’. Americans think it is fucking hot. The average Japanese otaku goes, “Ew, old hags. lulz”

Not to mention a majority of Americans can’t take their eyes off the the curves, cleavage and sexy poses. Yet, the Japanese complain about how the outfits look like cheap cosplay pieced together from construction paper.

Oh… silly Japanese.

This is but one reason for the declining birth rate in Japan.